Product Information

Most importantly, it’s imperative to note that Pure Love Essences are manufactured by an ISO 9000:2015 and IFRA-certified, internationally-renowned fragrance manufacturer that’s equipped with state-of-the art innovations, such as distillation, extraction & quality control technology. Every batch of our fragrance passes through strict quality control measures to ensure that each batch renders the same potency as the first one ever made.

When you wear a scent daily (or often), it becomes part of your constant environment, and your brain eventually stops registering the scent. This phenomenon is called ‘olfactory fatigue’ or ‘nose blind’. Our brains have been programmed by nature to tell us when there are new smells or changes in smell, not to tell us when things smell the same as they always have. Like your car or home, for example…ask anyone that knows you well if your car or home has its own ‘scent’, and we’re certain their answer will be ‘yes’. Although you may not notice it at all, others do, and it’s the same with wearing the same fragrance every day – you just get used to it.

That said, if you’re having trouble smelling your Pure Love Essence scent as well as you first did, please give your olfactory system (nose) a break from wearing Pure Love Essences for at least 5 days. After this break, you’ll be able to enjoy the unique, mesmerizing aromas of Pure Love Essences again.

Our essences were designed to be nothing like traditional perfumes, and the magic of Pure Love Essences happens at the ‘dry down’ {or the end notes that remain on your skin}, when the aromatic ingredients mingle & develop with each wearer's unique body chemistry. Their aromas range from very light-to-medium, yet are extremely intoxicating & addicting, and unfold in a singular way on each wearer.

These essences are designed to be applied to clean, unscented skin, and will develop & mingle with your own, unique body chemistry over time. Allow at least 15 minutes for the most authentic aura of these essences to fully develop.

Spritz your body {hair/clothes} with Sheer Essence Mist, and then layer with Pure Essence Oil {designed for pulse points & warm areas of your body}.

Bonus: apply our modestly-scented hair serum to the ends of your hair for maximum aromatic intensity. 

We do not add harmful UV filters & preservatives to any of our products, so please keep all Pure Love Essences products out of direct sunlight and store at room temperature.

Shipping, Delivery, & Promotions

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Once your package leaves our fulfillment center, it’s in the hands of USPS, and it’s their responsibility to get you your package efficiently. Due to labor shortage across the country, please be patient with them. Thank you for understanding.

Free shipping is available to all orders over $100.

No, at this time we do not ship internationally.

Product integrity

Product integrity & scent profiles (aroma strength) are guarenteed for 12 months from date of purchase.

Returns & Refunds

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