Pure Love Tribe Testimonials (Unsolicited)

 "Pure Love Essences smell like meeting 'love' in person." – Jodi S.

"I'm excited beyond belief to carry such beautiful scents that are unique, clean, and so very addictive! I will NEVER go back to another perfume again! You have me and so many ladies in my community HOOKED!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️" - Jennifer L. {Owner | Faded Roots Boutique}

"I was shopping on Main St. in Watertown on Saturday, and walked by your mom browsing an outdoor rack, and...something smelled AMAZING!! So, when I came out of the store, I realized it was HER, and she told me about your business & the Boho scent she was wearing. I figured I better start with the small sizes before I jump all in for the bigger purchase :)" - Laura M.


“Absolutely LOVE Boho!! Also, I just got a sample of Moroccan, and I love it, too!! ❤️ So many people comment that I smell so good! Exactly the scent I love! Soft, clean and not overpowering! Scent is so important... nothing better than being attracted to someone’s scent that leaves you dreaming about them!” – Bonnie F.

“I haven’t worn perfume for years because the fake smell gives me a headache... I LOVE these scents! They smell amazing!  I also really love the Rebel scent for my hubby, too!” – Jessica K.

“Seriously, they are my favorite perfumes ever! You are so talented!💜” - @bohooooqueen

“I just wanted you to know that these scents are AMAZING!! My daughter has swiped them all because “these smell, like, the best thing ever!!” Haha! Thank you for bringing some sunshine with these beauties into a hard time {with Covid 19}! Appreciate you!! xoxoxoxox” – Terry C.

“Channeling all the boho vibes with this boho scent from a new fragrance line that I’m obsessed with. The woman-owned, Wisconsin-based company is absolutely DIVINE, my friends! Sampled three of her amazing scents that are infused with essentials oils and unlike anything I’ve smelled before. And, she gives back to local charities! She’s the real deal!” - @theuncommonbrunette

“I am in LOVE with your fragrances, and I am so grateful I found them at Fray in Oconomowoc. I’ve been receiving so many compliments ever since I bought it {the first day I sampled it}! I absolutely love your message behind your brand, and I am so happy to have found that you are a local business I can help support! Would you be able to include a couple of the Boho cards by chance? That way I could just hand it out as people ask me about what I am wearing! Very excited for your summer fragrance too! You most likely will be seeing my name come across your order list pretty frequently!” - Melanie H.

“I’ve worn the same perfume since 1997, so when a good friend bought me a bottle of Pure Love {Boho}, I thought there’d be no chance of ever switching. I now wear Boho every day & love it!” - Jamie L.

“I was so excited to get my sample of your new fragrance, Moroccan! But I was over the moon when I saw I had received a sample of everything!!! It was like Christmas! Thank you so much for sending me all of these amazing scents - what a wonderful surprise! I love all of them - hard to pick a favorite...Moroccan makes me think of summer or maybe vacation on a tropical isle. Since traveling won't be a possibility for the foreseeable future, wearing this will lend itself to daydreaming about beaches and warm sunshine. I still love Boho of course - such a beautiful scent - I never get tired of it. Wearing something that smells so good just makes me feel happy. As for Rebel - wow! That is awesome too! And thank you again so much for your generosity in sending me all the samples!” – Karen H.

"Boho is seriously the best smelling, I love it!!" -  Sheila B.  


“This scent by @pureloveessences is so good that I've been wearing it even while staying at home. Infused with essential oils and gemstones, spicy amber note blended with jasmine and earthy, woodsy notes reminds me of being near the beach and at total peace. I also love that this is a cruelty-free, vegan fragrance that uses ethically-sourced ingredients and sustainable packaging and processes!” -@cleancailin

“What a gift your fragrances bring to the sense of smell! When my son became paralyzed in a serious car accident, almost losing his life and plunging his family into deep despair, the subtle, sweet-smelling aroma of Pure Boho Love wafted through his hospital room (his nurse wore it). This scent brought such a sense of hope, love, and healing into our hearts. I’ve ordered several bottles…I don’t want to forget this journey. Thank you so much!” – Bonnie K.  

  “I tell everyone about your product line, and I can’t express to you enough how grateful I am. I nearly gave up on wearing perfume because nothing I liked agreed with me or my allergies. When people wear strong perfumes around me, I cannot breathe. Then, I read your article in the newspaper, and decided to give it one more try…AND I FINALLY FOUND A PERFUME THAT SMELLS AMAZING, LASTS THROUGHOUT THE DAY, AND DOESN’T AFFECT MY ALLERGIES! Thank you beyond words for creating & sharing this beautiful scent that agrees with me!” – Beth S.


“I've been a fragrance addict since I can remember. That was something my husband and I bonded over when we met - the absolute need to be with a partner who smelled AMAZING. Over the last few years, though, I’ve become more aware of the drawbacks (dangers) of “fragrance”. So when I found Pure Love {Boho}, I was excited to find something made with a clean mindset! What I wasn’t prepared for is how much I LOVE it! It smells absolutely euphoric! It is gentle enough that it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all! And it drives my husband absolutely WILD, so yay for that added bonus! I never want to be without this and can’t wait to try the new scents when they come out!” – Shannon S. 


“I should be your poster child because I literally haven’t worn perfume since high school! I’ve been gifted extremely expensive perfumes over the last 25 years, but never liked (or wore) any of them because I felt they smelled too synthetic. I now wear Pure Love {Boho} daily & have a newfound love for this particular essence.” – Dr. Jill Wohfeil

“I cannot wait to get your new line in because they are so wonderful! I MUST have them in my boutique!” – Jennifer L. {Owner | Faded Roots Boutique}

"What beautiful creations! The scents are divine. I felt immediately uplifted and as if my energy field was filled with pure love. Her creations…those amazingly beautiful scents move me. They are also long lasting, yet not overpowering. Unusual and alluring, they fused harmoniously with my own natural scent, and I’m looking forward to sharing these wonderful, poetic scents with my friends. I will introduce several local boutiques to these treasures, as well. 

The owner of allurESSENCES is absolutely amazing...very kind, responsive and generous.” – Deva S.  

"I walked past a coworker today and stopped dead in my tracks, turned and asked her “What are you wearing?” Her response “ it’s called Boho” she was shocked that I knew what it was. Then I had other coworkers go over and smell her! Is that weird?? lol" - Sarah P.

“This truly is the best smell I think I’ve ever smelled. I literally have strangers ask me what I’m wearing, men & woman. This smell actually brings me comfort when I’m stressed. I keep my old bottles at work so I can sniff when I’m stressing, lol.” – Nire N.

“So, for all of my family & friends... my girlfriend since middle school makes the perfume that you all flock to (Pure Love Boho)! For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to smell me in the last two years, all I can tell you is my friend Jodi invented a perfume/scent LIKE NO OTHER! Real life example... more than a few of my friends’ kids say “Auntie Jenny, I knew you were here before I even saw or heard you because I could smell you & you ALWAYS smell SOOOOOO GOOD!” Complete strangers approach me every single day, everywhere I go, and question me about the way I smell! Jodi, I am so lucky to know you and beyond thankful that you didn’t quit this journey, but instead you made it bigger & better!!!! I could wear a brown paper bag and still feel happy, sexy and put together as long as I’m wearing my Boho!!!!” – Jenny B.

“Just bought Boho!!!! AMAZING! Like nothing out there! I can’t stop smelling myself. Good thing I’m not in public right now!” – Suzy R.

“I get migraines from MOST fragrances, but NOT this one! And, this smells amazing! I’m so excited to give it to my friends as gifts!!” – Katie P.

"Hey!! Just wanted to share with you that after my long workout class this morning, I was approached by a girl saying, 'this sounds weird, but you smell SO GOOD!! What are you wearing?!?' I told her it was Boho and a little bit about it, and she looked up your website immediately. She said that she’s never smelled anything like it, and LOVED its clean, earthy scent!!! Soooo, long story short, you’ll probably have another new customer!" – Kate K. 

"I got a sample of the Pure Boho Love, and not only do I love it, but strangers stop me on the street to ask me what I am wearing! Something like this has never ever happened to me before. The scent is totally amazing and makes me happy to wear it!" – Lorraine W.  

"Best. Scent. Ever. For about 3 years, I’ve had dozens of strangers follow me & hunt me down with their nose to find out what scent I’m wearing!" - Amber L.

“I love the perfume and when I wear it I feel amazing & always get many compliments! 😘😀” – Rose B. 

“I absolutely love the Boho love scent, it's my favorite by far! I have such a hard time with fragrances, and I discovered this one through a friend that referred me. I'm absolutely in love! I will be a customer for life!” – Courtney B.

“Thank you for the wonderful scents you create. I get compliments all the time on how good I smell! You also owe me like $2,000 for all the other crap I have bought and will NEVER wear again. RIP Bath & Body Works!” – Jennifer F.  

"After selling the Boho fragrance in my shop, I cannot express enough how much customers were drawn to the scent and loved how the blend wasn't overpowering. They also appreciated that this light, yet very alluring fragrance was also perfect for everyday wear. Customers would come back time & time again for this fragrance, as they appreciated that it was made with essential oils and free of toxic ingredients (found in many mainstream fragrances). Boho was a product line hit, to say the least. and a favorite among my customers! I highly recommend this uniquely-scented, non-toxic, skin-friendly product line!" – Amy Joswick {Owner | The Barn Owl}

"I ordered your samples last week, and I cannot tell you how many compliments I have gotten on them! I put it on in the morning and they literally last all day! My husband is soo picky about perfume and he loves it...he will come up to me and sniff my neck like a weirdo, ha ha. You are awesome, and I can't wait to order more from you!" – Erica L.

"Very fast shipping. wonderful customer service. and all the scents are so amazing & unlike anything I've ever smelled before! They are long-lasting and really sink in and smell delicious. I have even been using them for aromatherapy and before bedtime. I will be purchasing the other scents so I have them all!" – Michelle L.

"I have been selling your perfumes like CRAZY!" – Kristine Wright {Owner | The Roost Mercantile}

"I received the samples of the Pure Love {Boho}, and OH MY GOOODNESS, 


“Wearing my Boho today!! Always get comments on how amazing I smell! 

It’s the most amazing scent ever!” – Tracy D. 


“Pure Love {Boho} was a bit harsh in the beginning, but after a while, I really started to like the scent. It developed into a serene & intoxicating scent that captured the attention of those around me. The overall presentation was intriguing, and the crystals inside the fragrance was a detail I’ve never seen before. You should give this a try & see for yourself how UNIQUE this product is!” – Instagram Blogger: @fragrancetothemax

"If you really know me. you know that I'm a fine fragrance fiend! I simply MUST tell you about this fantastic fragrance line. The fragrances are simply intoxicating (in the very best way)! My particular favorite so far is Pure Boho Love. Please note, this is an unsolicited review." – Angie L.

“I can’t go without my Boho! ❤️ Best scent ever invented!” – Jennifer K.

“I love , love, love Pure Love Boho! 

I get so many compliments!!” – Jami R.

“This is such a beautiful scent & the owner is 

incredibly responsive & helpful.” – Liz D.

“Love love love this scent!” – Ruby C.

“Pure Love Boho has been selling itself just by me wearing it. Yesterday, I had a doctor apt., and this was the second nurse that told me that she just has to have it…they both said I smelled AMAZING!! When I go to an outside event and the wind blows, I get so many compliments. I've been told that it can smell different on different people, but for me, I LOVE IT!! People tell me it smells soooo clean and that it’s a nice light scent. I have not used any other perfume since I was introduced to Pure Love Boho. I just had to tell you!” – Sue T.

“I had it on today and got a lot of compliments! Thanks Jodi, I love it!!!” – Peach E.

"I was recently gifted essence (perfume) samples from @pureloveessences, a vegan, non-toxic, & cruelty-free fragrance brand out of my home state of Wisconsin. 🐄 Included were the Boho essence mist and oil as well as the Moroccan essence oil. The Boho scent is warm & woodsy with notes of amber & jasmine. 🌳 Great for anyone who loves earthy scents (you can really smell the wood)! The Moroccan is a bit of a sweeter scent that’s beachy & calming, but still playful. When I smell it, summertime, the beach, and tropical drinks come to mind! Of the two scents, Moroccan is definitely my favorite - although I do like & would wear both! What I like most about these essences is the oil form they come in. I’m able to direct apply the scent where I’d like including in my hair (which I’ve read is the #1 tip for having a scent last all day). The essence formulas are created WITHOUT parabens, sulfates (SLS/SLES), phthalates, synthetic dyes, nitro musks, polycyclic musks, and formaldehydes, a lot of which are found in popular mainstream perfumes. If you’re looking for a cleaner alternative to perfume & enjoy more natural, musky scents, definitely check out @pureloveessences! Thank you, Jodi, for the samples!💕" - Instagram Blogger: @cleanandcrueltyfree 

“Your men’s cologne, Pure Rebel, is amazing, as well” – Amber J. 


"I am so happy my friend got me hooked on your scents. They are beautiful & I always receive so many compliments!" – Kate K.  


"I discovered allurESSENCES from a post I saw on Facebook and had to try it for myself. I'm obsessed! I can't say enough about how much I love Boho & the Moroccan oil. I have the roller balls and the body sprays in both scents. I wear them separately and sometimes I combine the scents. I'll even layer them with my other perfumes...that's how versatile these oils are. People stop and ask me all the time what I'm wearing. Not only do they smell amazing. the scent lasts all day, which is how you know they are made of the highest quality essential oils. I LOVE ALL YOUR SCENTS!" – Jennifer S.  

"I was at The Roost today & purchased your Pure Boho Love body spray…AMAZING!!! I'm absolutely hooked!! I'm so thrilled I've discovered you and your products!! Hours later. 

and I still smell amazing!!! – Tracy D.  

“After I did a 3-minute hand scrub for a procedure at work, I could still smell my Boho oil on my wrist. Amazing…I’m in LOVE!!!” – Kate K. 

"Yesterday was long and tough. This delivery of essences was a blast of euphoria!" - @loveinmyeyes.flowersinmyhair

"I picked up a sample pack of 4 scents and I cannot get enough of them!! I love all of them, and so far, so do all of my friends. I've even shared your Etsy page with coworker who kept sniffing me!! Thank you for getting me hooked on some great new scents!!" – Lauren R.

"The products are phenomenal. They last all day and you will have people asking what you're wearing all the time!" – Jenny B.

"Sooo...women are lovin' the Pure Rebel cologne...just sayin'!" - Wayd B.

"These scents are my new favorites!" – Dana K.

"The fragrances are amazing and they last all day. I ordered the Boho sample and I just can't even describe what a beautiful scent it is. There were samples included also that were just as wonderful. As soon as I received the order, I immediately ordered a larger Boho oil. The shipping is fast and the owner is a really genuinely nice person and communicates well. 

I will continue to buy from her...extremely satisfied." –Tonya R. 

"The only fragrance I wear now. They are wonderful!" – Jenny B.  

"Totally in love with the Pure Boho Love fragrance body mist!! Absolutely the most wonderful fragrance I've come across!! Jodi, you're amazing!!!!" –Tracy D.  

"I just love the Pure Boho Love body spray I wear it every day!! Even tho I've gotten used to the scent I know it lingers on throughout the day because I will still get comments on it as I'm walking through Home Goods. I carry your business cards with me and whenever i get a compliment "what are you wearing? It smells so good!" I just give them your business card :)!" - Jill B.  

"Love, love. love your perfumes! Your talents will go far, before you know it your fragrance will take over the world!" – Kayla M.  

“I’m wearing Boho tonight (sprayed it this morning). and I can still smell it. I can't wait to see what other scents you come up with!" – Jennifer S.  

"I found your spray initially at Lyndale Farms, and I've gotten so many compliments on how awesome I smell, so I had to get more!! Thanks again!" – Jessica I.  

"Love all the scents! Moroccan is my fav! The coconut stands out the most to me and I feel like I'm on a beach!! – Kyndra L.

"Had another customer say I smelled good today! She is a regular customer and said that she usually only wears CHANEL perfume. She was like "I looove that scent you're wearing...do you sell it here?! I'd wear that!". – Amy J.

"I love the Boho mist! I like how it works on my hair. and of course, the scent is amazing! Nice spicy. woodsy, and earthy scent!" – Christine P.  

"Every time I hug my friend. I linger longer than I used to, simply because I want to smell her! ‘It's not weird’, I say to myself. If you're going to smell that good, people will want to stay close to you!" –Angie L.  

"My sister carries your line in her salon. and I LOVE IT! I just couldn't wait to get to her to buy some! Thanks!!" – Kristina U. 

"My friend wears your fragrances & always smells amazing! I've never smelled anything so lovely as the fragrance she wears (Boho), and I consider myself a fragrance junkie!" – Angie L.  

"The scents are beautiful and the owner is so great! 

I had questions, and they were answered so fast." – Hilary S.  

“Glad to hear your business is a success. I get so many compliments on your fragrances!” – Sue H.  

"Hey Jodi!! I received my Boho lotion. and it's absolutely amazing!!!!!! So happy I found your products! Truly can't believe how fabulous they are! Dedicated for life"!! –Tracy D.  

"The scents are amazing!" – Shadonya R.  

"I love the Boho scent & always get compliments when I wear it!" – Nikki B.  

"My husband & I have been wearing allurESSENCES fragrances & colognes for a while now and it has just become a daily routine for us that we love! I can't count how many compliments we get on the body sprays and I don't feel bad about putting any harsh chemicals on to my body or in the air!" – Kate K.

"Oooolala in love with this beautiful scent and LOVE the fact that it has clean ingredients! I wear the Boho mist as my everyday scent and I can't get enough!" – Amy J.  

"The fragrance called Boho is light and musky. with a hint of patchouli & sandalwood. It is very subtle··so subtle that it's difficult to describe but catching a whiff of it is delightful! The fact that it's paraben free is a huge bonus. Package inserts explain everything well. Great customer service. Thank you!" – Treasure V.  

"I just got your scent samples...they smell amazing!!

Can't wait to try them!" – Janice S.  

"I love all of your scents!" – Jody B.  

"Wonderful scents and people are always asking me what I am wearing! Thank you for always making me smell AMAZING!" – Jodi F.  

"I just love the Boho pure love scent! I work in the health care field, and get comments from my patients all the time asking me what scent I have on because it smells so good. About a month ago i was rushing though the grocery store and I pasted a young gentleman who turned as I went by, telling me I smelt SO GOOD! I can't wait to try your new scents!" – Jill B.  

“I get compliments all the time when I wear your perfume!” – Molly B.  

"I had people smelling my hair over & over this weekend! They COULD NOT get enough of the Boho scent! I love these new scents. OMG, they seriously smell amazing!!" – Edie C.

"I cannot get your awesome scents out of my mind. I must have some!! I will take a body mist in the Boho & the Moroccan Love!" – Julie E.  

"My co–worker has Pure Boho Love, and I loooooove it...just 

HAD to order!" – Danielle K.

"The scent does the work!! I get SOOOOO many compliments! 

I could still smell it tonight after having it on for 11 hours!!!" – Coleen C.  

"The girl that pierced my daughter's ears the other night said. 'Oh...my...gosh...what perfume are you wearing...PLEASE let me know how I can buy some...that smells AMAZING'!!!!!” – Katie M.

"I just wanted to let you know that my daughter bought one of your roll-on oils today, and jumped in my car and said, 'MOM. you have to smell this...it's so awesome. I love it!” – Lauren A.  

'I’m loving my new scent trail!" – Laura R.  

"I was given your number from a friend of a friend who was wearing an amazing scent you make called Rebel. I LOVE IT & NEED IT, and wanted to know where to buy it please!" – Laura G.  

"I'm up in Green Bay (visiting my daughter) and a lady at my grand baby's 'Story Time' turned and looked at me & said, 'WHAT DO YOU HAVE ON?! YOU SMELL SO GOOD!'...so, I gave her your info and she'll be calling you today! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Boho. That's all I wear. I still get so many compliments on it, and give out your business cards.’ – Lori E.  

“I’ve been seeing info about your Pure Love {Boho}, and meant to check into it...then, over Christmas, my sister (who wears it) came to my house and slept with me, and all night I could smell this good smell lol..and I'm like, ‘is that your shampoo or what?!’ She's like, ‘no, silly, it’s Pure Love {Boho}! Anywho, I got the sample, and now I smell pretty, too! 🙂 Thank you! I will be heading over to Faded Roots to grab me a full-size bottle!” – Jennifer M.

"Just want to thank Jodi for introducing me to her awesome. great smelling pure love body mist's and lotions! It makes your skin so soft, and smells amazing! The fragrance is with you all day, not like the overpriced, top–dollar perfumes! My husband came home from work and says "why do you smell so good!?" I will be purchasing the other fragrances and probably the men's line, too!" – Shannon S.

"I've been wearing the Boho spray and rollerball, and today I had one of my customers smell it on me...she's like 'I HAVE to get that!'. – Amy J.  

"I get compliments on Rebel all the time! need more ASAP!" – Brian K.  

"We love the Boho fragrance, and we purchase all the time!! 

Sophie loves it SO much!!!" – Edie C.  

"I love Boho so much! This week already, at two different places, I was meeting two different friends, and I got the exact same response. "I could smell you before I could see you, that's how I knew you were here! You smell amazing! It definitely makes me happy! It makes me feel sexy and unique, not to mention bougie!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Men and women are attracted to it like bees to the hive -- they SWARM!! – Jennifer K.  

“Friends!! Check out this website (pureloveessences.com)! This fragrance smells ahhhhmazing! If you’re in the market for a new scent, I promise this won’t disappoint!” – Kristin P.  

"So excited to have my new perfume!! Thank you, Jodi!!!" – Coleen C.

"Just when I thought the day was going to end on a bad note, I opened the mail to find some awesome samples of fragrance oils that my good friend Jodi sent me. OMG…so yummy! Boho has some hints of sandalwood and patchouli, and Moroccan has coconut and amber hues, and is my favorite so far!!" – Jennifer B.  

“Friends, SERIOUSLY check PURE LOVE out!!!! I am obsessed with the Boho oil. I receive a ton of compliments daily on it...the Pure Love Mist is great, too! They're so clean. not overwhelming, just the right amount of everything and long lasting!!! You have other products, too, that I absolutely love and can't wait to get on my body. So glad I smelled you!” – Amber L.

“The scent called Pure Moroccan Love has a distinct coconut smell: very beachy. It would be great for folks who live by the ocean. It's light and not overwhelming at all, but noticeable.

Thank you!" –Treasure Y.

"I have & love these oil blends!!!" – Julie R. 


“Omg I have to get back to you, Jodi, about having it at Mint!! ❤️❤️

It’s my favorite scent, BOHO Love!” – Jen M.

"Soo soo glad I got to meet you & smell you! You make beautiful products!" – Aradine F.  

"Love the Boho...it's is my FAV and I get tons of compliments on it!!" – Kellie Y.  

"My whole office wears Boho, WE LOVE IT!" – Gen C.  

"Boho gets people asking me what I'm wearing!!" – Jennie L.  

"Love these oils! They smell amazing on men or women! " – Amanda T.  

“💖💖💖 Pure Love {Boho} is amazing! Smells so so good!! Jodi Schwefel, you have done a fantastic job! xoxo💖💖💖” – Katie P.

"I always get a ton of compliments every time I use 

these awesome oils." – Rebecca R.


"Hands down THE BEST fragrance I've ever had the pleasure of wearing!!! People stop dead in their tracks to smell me and then ask "what are you wearing!!!???” – Jennifer K.  

“My favorite gift this year!!! AMAZING!” - Gerrylynn F.

"Love love love this stuff! I'm obsessed!!!

My absolute favorite is the Boho!” – Megan S.  

"Love these oils!'" – Bonnie L.  

"The ladies go crazy when I wear Pure Rebel!'" – Jon B.  

"Shared & love mine!!! I can't wait to try more!"' – Ashley K.  

"The scent called Pure Rebel is light, subtle & smells great. What it smells like is difficult to describe. but it's distinct without being overpowering. Really like this one. thank you!'" –Treasure Y.  

"The men's Pure Rebel smells amazing...wearing it today!'" – Kris R.

"Miss Jodi T. gave me one for my bday, and I LOVE IT…so does my daughter!'" – Heidi S.  

"Hey Jodi! The boutique downtown is sold out of your goods! There was a girl checking out your scents, and we were all talking about all your scents and how awesome they are! I hear you're bringing more this week. yay!! I need another bottle of the Boho. My hairdresser uses it and I got a compliment from the gal at Fray. She actually asked if I were wearing Boho!” – Edie C.

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