The Journey

I spent 20 years in financial marketing prior to my career taking an unexpected turn in 2016 when I designed a unique signature scent for myself {later to be named Pure Love Boho}. And then…people went crazy. Everywhere I journeyed, I was incessantly asked about my mesmerizing perfume.

Orders quickly grew beyond friends & family, to local boutiques & spas, so I setup a small home apothecary that allowed me the production space to meet demands.

By 2019, my perfume business became far more than a full-time job, so I decided to take a temporary pause. And with a quest to design health-conscious & eco-friendly scents, I put pen to paper and developed a business plan that defined my path to successfully rebranding my product line. I also added two more scents {Moroccan & Rebel}, and partnered with an IFRA-compliant perfume house to reformulate my original recipes. The original Boho recipe was reformulated & relaunched by November of 2019, and Moroccan & Rebel followed close behind.

Presently, Pure Love Essences are quickly gaining raving fans across the country, and we’re also developing new partnerships with retailers who have similar values & missions as our own.

Showing Love to Our Skin Health

Our essences are artfully designed with skin health in mind, certified clean, and curated with the highest-quality, skin-safe ingredients & natural essential oils. They are intensely euphoric skin scents that are exceptionally captivating, yet never overwhelming.

PURE LOVE ESSENECES ARE FREE FROM parabens, sulfates (SLS/SLES), phthalates, synthetic dyes,
nitro & polycyclic musks, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, triclocarban, and many more.


Showing Love to Our Communities & Environment

Our essences are soulfully designed with our communities & environment in mind. We’re currently partnered with the Fight to End Exploitation (FEE) organization, and a portion of each sale is being donated to their cause. FEE exists to end human trafficking through prevention, intervention, and restoration. Donations are vital in allowing FEE to continue to provide FREE trainings and presentations to the community, law enforcement, educators, counselors, social workers, and students on how to identify and prevent human trafficking in our communities.
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We also use minimal packaging/no product boxes & reusable product bags. Our ingredients are cruelty-free/vegan, and ethically-sourced from the USA.

Fight to End Exploitation